Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions (TaCs)

1. Area of application

It is assumed that the contracts between Elonga CC (hereinafter referred to as Elonga) and the clients of the internship placement are subject to the following conditions.

2. Services

2.1 Organising an internship placement as indicated on the application

2.2 Accommodation arrangement

2.3 Support regarding the entry requirements for Namibia and the recommended preventive medical measures.

3. Warranty and liability

All information and advice are given to the best of Elonga’s knowledge and belief. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information. Elonga acts as an internship placement office. The employment relationship exists between the client and the company offering the internship. Therefore, the company offering the internship and the client are responsible for the specific organisation of the day-to-day tasks during the internship. The provision of accommodation is part of Elonga’s services. All claims arising from the non-fulfilment of the contract must be made to the owner of the accommodation. The journey to Namibia as well as the execution of the internship in Namibia are at the client’s own risk. Elonga is released from any liability.

4. Registration and procedure

4.1 Registration for an internship placement is binding as soon as Elonga has received the completed and signed registration form. By signing the registration form, the client agrees to Elonga’s conditions.

4.2 Elonga may accept the registration within 7 days of receipt by sending a confirmation by e-mail or post.

4.3 The client undertakes to support the internship placement process by providing the necessary information and documents in good time.

4.4 Elonga will forward the client’s application forms to companies offering potential internships. If Elonga receives a suitable internship offer, Elonga will send the client a written offer with all necessary information. Within two weeks of receipt, the client must decide whether or not to accept the internship offer. Clients must confirm their decision by e-mail. Otherwise, the internship cannot be guaranteed for the specified period.

4.5 Any subsequent changes to the agreed internship period must be approved by Elonga.

5. Terms of payment

5.1 The exact fees for the internship placement are indicated on the current application forms.

5.2 Once Elonga accepts the application, clients must pay a deposit of 200€ to the account indicated on the application form. After receiving the deposit, Elonga will start searching for a suitable internship placement. If Elonga cannot find suitable companies offering internships, the agency will refund the deposit to the client. However, if Elonga finds a suitable internship and the client does not make use of the offer, Elonga will not offer a refund. The remaining amount of the placement fee must be paid within 7 days after the client has confirmed their internship by e-mail.

6. Withdrawal from the contract/cancellation of the contract

6.1 The client may revoke their declaration of intent regarding the contract with Elonga within two weeks. This can be done either by e-mail or in written form. The period begins after receipt of these instructions in text form and it begins with the fulfilment of the obligation to inform according to § 312c section 2 of the German Civil Code (German for “Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch”). In order to withdraw from the contract, it is sufficient to send a revocation by e-mail or in written form within the above-mentioned period.

6.2 The right of withdrawal expires, if Elonga, with the consent of the client, has already begun providing internship placement services (e. g. searching for an internship) before the expiration of the withdrawal period.

6.3 If the client withdraws from the contract for reasons that are not influenced or caused by Elonga, the client cannot claim a refund of their deposit (200€).

6.4 If the client withdraws from the contract after receiving confirmation of a possible internship place, the client cannot claim a refund, as Elonga has already fulfilled its obligation to find an internship placement. If the client has already paid the remaining amount, they cannot claim a refund.

6.5 If the client fails to meet their obligations so that Elonga is unable to carry out the internship placement or can only do so only under disproportionately difficult circumstances, Elonga has the right to demand the entire placement fee or, alternatively, to claim damages in the amount of the placement fee.

7. Other terms and conditions

7.1 The minimum age for applicants for an internship is 18 years.

7.2 The client is solely responsible for the fulfilment of the entry requirements for Namibia. The client is obliged to inform Elonga of any uncertainties before the start of the internship. This information must be provided in written form.

7.3 The client agrees that their personal data will be stored for internal purposes and may be forwarded for the purpose of searching for a suitable internship. The data will be treated confidentially. Elonga cannot be held liable, if an unauthorized third party gains access to the data due to circumstances beyond Elonga’s control.

8. Severability clause

Should individual provisions of this agreement be ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to subsequent circumstances, the legal effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
If any provision of this agreement is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, the parties are obligated to replace the invalid or unenforceable provision with another valid and enforceable provision that comes so close to the invalid or unenforceable provision that it can reasonably be assumed that the parties would enter into the agreement.

9. Jurisdiction

Exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and in connection with the contract with Elonga is Windhoek, Namibia.

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