Elonga - internships and volunteer work in Namibia

With Elonga you have the extraordinary opportunity to gain professional experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Namibia.
Support local projects and companies, gain experience and discover Namibia’s breath-taking nature and wildlife.

Elonga is the perfect fit for everyone looking for an internship or a volunteer programme in Namibia. We offer the best insights into Namibia’s cultural, political, social and voluntary structures.

We have been working here for over 10 years and are, therefore, well-integrated into the system. Most of our interns and volunteers return to the Elonga hostel after their internships or volunteer programmes.

About Elonga

The Elonga programme was founded in 2007 by Gerda Schuler. She wanted to give interns and volunteers the chance to gain personal and affordable professional experience. In 2008, Elonga was brought to life. It is located near Windhoek’s CBD. This way, interns and volunteers don’t have long trips to and from work, and a secured home where they can feel at home and easily connect with others.  

Who we are

We are the connection you – regardless of age, gender and nationality – need to learn from the best and to become one of the best in your field.

Our mission

Our mission is to help interns and volunteers from all around the world to find the most affordable internships or volunteer programmes of their choice in Namibia.

What we do

We support you in finding the best internship or volunteer work – to give you that edge you need for your success in your chosen work field.

Work areas

We are well-connected and can, therefore, offer you an internship or volunteer work in very different areas. In the past, we successfully placed interns and volunteers in the following areas:

Social work

In the social field we always need helpers. We offer the great opportunity to support local projects and organizations and to do good.


The local schools always have a high demand for helpers and interns.

Whether student, teacher or persionary: Here we are grateful for every helping hand.


We are always looking for students, doctors and nurses who would like to do a voluntary internship in one of the local hospitals.


We work closely with a big architectural office. Here, you can actively participate in smaller or larger projects.

Farm work

You can work at a local farm and learn about the life as a farmer and about Namibia’s fascinating nature.


Whether it is in a hotel, in a travel agency or in other towns or cities: you will meet all kinds of people and learn about the country.


About "Kleines Heim"

The “Kleines Heim” (German for “small home”) is situated in the beautiful and quiet suburb of Windhoek West, in walking-distance from the city.
This idyllic place, the relaxed atmosphere and great location will soon feel like home.
You will feel safe and happy here, thanks to the professional security team at the gate and the fact that the surrounding area is monitored constantly.
Gerda Schulder, the founder and supervisor, is one of the most significant reasons why Elonga hostel feels like home. For many years she’s been dedicated to taking care of our “Kleines Heim” and all its residents.


Our small home offers a total of 16 rooms, including single, double and multi-bed rooms.

All our rooms feature separate beds, a desk and a private shower. The larger bedrooms are designed to provide enough room for multiple people to live together comfortably. This way, it never gets boring and, oftentimes, the residents living in these rooms develop long-lasting and strong friendships.

Living and cooking

Our kitchen is fully equipped, and everyone can cook to their hearts’ content. Here, interns, volunteers and visitors have easy access to refreshments. The best thing, however, is the communal mealtime which is usually enjoyed in a relaxed and familial atmosphere under the stars, under the shade of the trees or sometimes even next to the pool.

Apart from the rooms and the kitchen, the pool, two terraces and lots of green areas offer abundant space to spend fun times together or to find some peace and quiet by yourself.


We want to offer everyone the opportunity to be a part of our project.
Therefore, we consider a transparent pricing structure and an outstanding price-performance ratio very important.


Single traveller
990 / person
  • Organising the job placement
  • Accommodation at the Elonga hostel
  • Individual support
  • Shuttle from and to the airport

Small Group

Up to 3 people
890 / person
  • Organising the individual job placement
  • Accommodation at the Elonga hostel
  • Individual support
  • Shuttle from and to the airport

Large Group

4 people or more
790 / person
  • Organising the individual job placement
  • Accommodation at the Elonga hostel
  • Individual support
  • Shuttle from and to the airport

Enquiries and contact

Gerda Schuler
Founder and contact person

  • info@elonga-internship.com
  • +264 813626207
  • 10 Volan Street, Windhoek
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