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Looking for an unique internship or volunteer placement in Southern Africa? Here in Namibia you can experience the time of your life! You will meet people from different cultural backgrounds and gain new professional professional perspectives.

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An internship is more than Monday to Friday
As I found out this weekend, one of the best aspects of an Elonga Internship is the chance to make some fantastic new friends and explore Namibia with them. Over the weekend Dani, Miriam and I headed out to the Heja Game Lodge. This 20,000ha game farm is a mere 20 minutes from Windhoek and […]
Internship in IT/Multimedia
Field of work: IT and Multimedia company in Windhoek Tasks: assisting the company in web design, designing templates, integrating CMS systems, multimedia and graphic design, application development, etc. Suitable for: IT Students or people with affinity in IT Duration: One to six months Requirements: Personal engagement, English basic knowledge, interest and skills in IT and/or […]
An impression from Elonga intern Carina
“Carina, can you please write a short story about your time in Namibia?” That, dear Marieke, is not possible. I have seen and experienced so much in these three months that I – If I would be able to put it all into words – could write a novel about it. But I will try […]
Internship at an elderly home
Field of work: Elderly Home Tasks: Taking care of elderly women and organising and creating activities Suitable for: Students of care / social fields and Volunteers Duration: Two weeks to six months Condition: Personal engagement and basic German knowledge, affinity to work with people of age Beginning: Any time