Which country is almost three times as large as Germany but with 2.2 million fewer inhabitants than Berlin?


Located on the Atlantic coast in southern Africa , Namibia shares its borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the East and South Africa to the South.

English and Afrikaans are the official languages, but despite its small population, Namibia is home to many races and other languages such as Oshivambo, Nama, Damara, and German .

In 1990 Namibia gained its independence after decades under South African leadership and is now governed by SWAPO (South West African People’s Organisation) .  Due to its German colonial past (late 19 till early 20th century) you will have the opportunity to browse in German bookstores or enjoy German pastries and savory dishes, especially in its capital Windhoek with 250,000 inhabitants.

Namibia developed its political stability, the multi-party politics and the press and freedom of opinion quickly and peacefully after its independence. However, Namibia still faces social problems such as a large income inequality, poverty, unemployment, high HIV / AIDS rate.

Namibia is politically and economically tied with other countries in southern Africa through the regional organization, SADC (Southern African Development Community). It’s national currency is the Namibian dollar, but South African Rand is also accepted.

Economically, Namibia depends mostly on mining, fishing, agriculture and in most importantly tourism due to its wide variety of stunning natural landscapes, activities, and wildlife.