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ELONGA offers the following services included in the price:

Before it all starts:

On location:

Prices 2014:

For Elonga arranged Internships / Volunteer placement, the cost of our all-round-package is € 690 for 4 weeks (based on dorm accommodation). (For sharing a room with bathroom the first four weeks is €869 and for single occupancy of a room the first four weeks is €1110).

For interns or volunteers (or those studying for a period in Namibia) who want to stay in the Elonga hostel accommodation – and have not made use of the Elonga Interns/Volunteer program – you pay:

Note: Not included in the price are cost and expenses for flights, visa, vaccinations, insurances of any type (e.g. travel, health, accident insurance), meals and personal expenses for recreationals activities and transportation and additional trips.

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