Type of positions

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Internship/Volunteering at a horse farm
Field of work: horse farm work, board and lodge inclusive
Tasks: working and riding horses, helping in the kitchen and serving guests
Duration: 1 to 6 months
Suitable for: horseback riders, people interested in horses and working with them, nature lovers
 personal engagement, horse and nature lover, english speaking,
Beginning: Any time
Internship on a farm
Field of work: Farm
: Participation at daily farm work
Suitable for:
 Students of agricultural fields and Volunteers
 Two weeks to six months
Personal engagement, agricultural experience of advantage 
 Any time

Arts and Culture

Internships in Film and Theater
Available Positions: Film and Theater
Tasks: Working on different projects
Suitable for: Drama Teachers, Theatre Administrator, Directors, Actors, Practitioners, and Designers.

Civil Engineer

Internship in civil engineering at a local company
Field of work: Private Engineering Company
Tasks: General work in engineering and architecture
From 1 to 6 months
Suitable for:
Students of  fields civil engineering and architecture
Personal engagement,  civil engineering or architecture experience,  good knowledge of English
Any time


Internship at a Preschool
Field of work: Preschool
Tasks: Cocreation of the lessons and independent lessons
Suitable for: Students of educational / social fields and Volunteers
Duration: Two weeks to six months
Condition: Personal engagement and basic English knowledge , experience with children of advantage
Beginning: Any time
Internship as an English Teacher
Field of work: School
General lessons into English
From 1 to 3 months
Suitable for:
Students of educational/social fields and Volunteers
Personal engagement, good knowledge of English
Any time


Field of work: Environmental Impact assessment
Suitable for: students of environmental sciences, geography, geology, biology, veterinary medicine, environmental law
Duration: minimum 2 months


Internship in Media, Journalism, Communication
Field of work: local radio and TV channel or newspaper
Duration: at least 1 months
Suitable for:
undergraduates and postgraduate Media/Journalism/Communication students
Personal engagement,  good English skills
Any time


Internship in Law
Field of work: law firms, government departments
Tasks: escort the lawyers in court, independent research, officework
Duration: 1 to 6 months
Suitable for: law students, paralegals
Conditions: personal engagement, good English skills

Semester Abroad

Semester abroad at a local university
Field: Semester abroad at a Namibian university
Suitable for: Every course of studies that is offered at the local universities for students of every kind of academic university or university of applied sciences student.
Conditions: Basic knowledge of English.


Internship at an elderly home
Field of work: Elderly Home
Tasks: Taking care of elderly women and organising and creating activities
Suitable for: Students of care / social fields and Volunteers
Duration: Two weeks to six months
Condition: Personal engagement and basic German knowledge, affinity to work with people of age
Beginning: Any time
Internship at an NGO
Field of work: NGO in training and coaching
Tasks: Project development and-evaluation, training and coaching
Suitable for: Students or graduates in Social science (psychology, sociology, science of education, anthropology)
Duration: Six weeks to twelve months
Condition: Good knowledge of English, basic knowledge of Statistics, affinity with training and empowerment
Beginning: Any time

Volunteering/Internship at a Day Care Center
Field of work: Child Care
: Taking care of kids and watching them and playing with them
Suitable for:
Students of social/teaching fields and volunteers
Two weeks to six month
Personal engagement and English basic knowledge


Internship in IT/Multimedia
Field of work: IT and Multimedia company in Windhoek
Tasks: assisting the company in web design, designing templates, integrating CMS systems, multimedia and graphic design, application development, etc.
Suitable for: IT Students or people with affinity in IT
Duration: One to six months
Requirements: Personal engagement, English basic knowledge, interest and skills in IT and/or Multimedia.


Internship in Tourism
Field of work: guestfarms, lodges, hotels & pensions in Windhoek and in the surrounding of the capital
Tasks: general hotelwork, officework (statistics), kitchen, service
Duration: 1 to 6 months
Suitable for: students in tourism/hospitality, volunteers who are interested
personal engagement, good English skills, multi-lingual skills can be helpful, service-minded
Beginning: Any time