Internship in Namibia

Looking for a unique internship or volunteer placement in Southern Africa? Here in Namibia you can experience the time of your life while you work! You will meet people from different cultural backgrounds and gain new professional perspectives.

ELONGA is the link between you and local NGO’s, international and (non)governmental organisations as well as to media and other private enterprises and education institutes. Depending on your interests and abilities you can work, for example, at local schools, kindergartens, orphanages, hospitals, clinics, media companies, universities, NGO’s, tourism organisations or take part in engineering and environment projects. To make such an internship or voluntary job possible we offer pleasant and comfortable accommodation in Windhoek, at a walking distance from the city center. We have 8 years experience in Namibia, therefore we can provide you with advice on getting around in Namibia and give you an inside view on the beautiful culture and nature of Namibia; the land of endless horizons!

smile, you may never know who it rubs off on.

smile, you may never know who it rubs off on.Kinder2 IMG_1569_875x583 Zebras, Waterhole, Safari, Etosha Nationalpark, Internship Namibia, Africa