Kleines Heim

"Home Away From Home"

Kleines Heim Guest House

With 16 rooms Kleines Heim is located in the beautiful quiet suburb of Windhoek West, a strolling distance to town. Kleines Heim makes it easier to feel at home. With a good security at the gate and in the surrounding areas Kleines Heim will keep you safe and happy! The vast majority of it is the fact that the Kleines Heim has a good caretaker, Ms. Gerda Schuler. 


In our fully equipped kitchen, everyone is allowed  to prepare the food they prefer. The kitchen is designed to be a multi-use Kitchen which allows students/visitors to easily get refreshments. However the best part comes down to dinner time, where we all dine either under the stars, under the cool trees or even next to the pool. This creates a family feel.

Spare Rooms

Each room is equipped with a study table, a private shower. Each room is also provided with separate beds. The dorm rooms are set-up to accommodate multiple people. This often helps as you may never get bored and great bonds are often created among the roommates.

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