An impression from Elonga intern Carina

“Carina, can you please write a short story about your time in Namibia?” That, dear Marieke, is not possible. I have seen and experienced so much in these three months that I – If I would be able to put it all into words – could write a novel about it. But I will try to do so.

Describing the country is difficult, because you cannot describe it. You have to experience it yourself to understand how great it is. Therefore I can only say this: I want to go back there again!

The life in the hostel is great. We have temporarily lived with 15 people and there was honestly no dispute or bitching at all. The kitchen was sometimes a bit messy but that’s what it is like when you live with so many people and we could get a grip on it. If I wanted to I stayed in the large living room, where there was always someone to chat with. Or I went to my room or the garden to be by myself. I had great weekend activities, such as a trip to Etosha National Park and to Zambia. But even just cooking together was fun.

At Elonga I have met many people from – in my case – all parts of Germany, with whom I’m still in touch. If you want to, you can easily make friends; friends who remain friends also when you go back ‘home’.

I did my internship at the Montessori Kindergarten and it was incredibly nice. The colleagues were very friendly and they included me in everything. I carried out lessons and I was free in the design of the everyday work. The kindergarten provides you with transport to and from, but I had to get used to the African time, which means that the driver usually came at least ten minutes late.

I would totally recommend to stay in Namibia. It is a completely new experience and I promise you that you will not regret it. Use as much time as possible for it! Three months was actually too short!

So go and travel to Namibia!

Love, Carina

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